Preventing Malaria.

By Kelvin J

25th of April every year, the world marks World malaria Day. Malaria is a killer disease caused by animals and mostly carried by mosquitoes. Although there are three types of mosquitoes (Anopheles, Culex and aedes), the female Anopheles mosquito carries malaria parasites. Culex carries the disease elephantiasis while aedes mosquito causes yellow fever. Of all the three diseases caused by mosquitoes, malaria is the most common and dagerous too. It has claimed many lives across the world. Although malaria is treatable, it can be prevented by controlling mosquitoes by stopping their breeding and protecting ourselves from their bites. Below are some ways that can be used to control mosquito breeding.

  1. Drain stagnant water. By draining stagnant water, mosquitoes will not have a place to lay their eggs. Also, water containers should be kept covered and old tins shouldn’t be left lying around.
  2. Pour paraffin onto stagnant water. If it’s not possible to drain all stagnant water, paraffin or any other kind of oil should be poured onto it. It will prevent mosquito larvae and pupae from breathing and they will die.
  3. Layer fish into pools. Fish such as tilapia eat mosquito larvae. Therefore, they should be kept into pools or slow moving water to eliminate mosquitoes.
  4. Keep the grass around the house short. Although it is impossible to stop all mosquitoes from breeding especially in hot and dry areas and near open water bodies such as lakes, keeping the grass around our house short is good. This is because mosquitoes like to hide in warm and dark places.
  5. Keep doors and windows closed. Since Anopheles mosquito usually feed after dark, we should keep doors and windows closed in the evening to prevent mosquitoes getting into the house.
  6. Use insecticides to kill them. Even after putting much effort to control mosquitoes from getting into our houses, it’s likely that a few still make it into our rooms and try to feed on our blood. Here we can still protect ourselves from their bites and the disease they carry by using insecticides to kill them.
  7. Wear long clothes. While in the house, you can wear long clothes that covers your arms and legs to make it difficult for mosquitoes to bite you.
  8. Apply creams. Some creams are made in such a way that mosquitoes repel our skin if it is applied with them. Use them to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.
  9. Sleep under treated nets. Finally, you can still protect yourself from mosquito bites by sleeping under treated mosquito nets. Mosquitoes will not be in a position to reach you if you sleep under nets. Thank you for reading. Together let’s fight malaria. Your likes and comments are mostly welcomed.


Importance of reading.

By Kelvin J

Reading is the process of interpreting written language. I don’t know the last time you read a book, a magazine or an article. Some might have read the last time they were in school. Now you have seen this article and so you will have to read it. Reading is essential and of grate importance. It may help someone in many ways that can be unnoticed. Before I started writing articles, I used to read any interesting material I came across. Slowly, they improved my writing skills without my knowledge. Below are some ways reading can be important to you.

  • Adds knowledge. Getting different reading materials with different information from what you know will add knowledge to your mind. You can get information of something you didn’t know through reading.
  • Keeps you motivated. There is no written material with an aim of luring or discouraging. They are dedicated to inspire the readers. If you had lost hope on something, reading will get you back on track and make you feel motivated and full of potential.
  • Reduces stress and boredom. Stress is a disease that can lead to suicide. It’s developed when someone loses hope, relationship brake up, unemployment and many more other factors. Reading motivate a streesd person through stories of people who had given up but finally became successful. It also give stories of couples who broke up and life continues happily after the break ups.
  • Improves your writing skills. While reading different materials, you get to know how words are connected to sentences, how writers connets ideas to stories and also how to punctuate a written work.
  • Improves your language. If you have difficulty in communication due to poor language. You can improve it through reading. Practice makes perfect. You will also have to learn new vocabulary which will improve your communication language. Take a little of your time to read for you to enjoy the above benefits of reading.

Addicted grandpa.

By Kelvin J

Over the holiday, my friend and workmate invited me to accompany him to his grandparents place. We traveled from the city to the eastern side of Kenya where his grandparents resides. The journey took about 3 hours. The area was so attractive with a cool and favourable environment to practise any kind of agriculture. The weather was different from that of the city which we are used to. The green grass, trees and the silence attracted me so much. For sure I loved the place.

Upon arrival at the gate, an old man with long grey hair and a walking stick welcomed us. He was so loving to his grandson and friendly to me. He requested his wife an old lady with wrinkles all over her body to bring three chairs. We sat the three of us outside the old man’s house enjoying the morning sunlight. We were then served a cup of tea each and some sweet potatoes expect the old man. I asked him why he didn’t enjoy the breakfast together with us but he ignored my question. He feed us with stories full of humor and we couldn’t stop laughing. His sense of humor attracted me so much that I took a longer time to finish the cup of tea than I rarely do. He could later ask us to take him to a bar and buy alcoholic beverages for him. My friend ran to the car parked outside the gate and came with two bottles full of whisky. The old man couldn’t hide his smile seeing his favorite drink brought in plenty.

After taking the first sip, he dismissed it as water and continued pushing us to take him to the bar so he could have his favourite choice of illicit drink. We asked him to have a cup of tea before going to the bar but refused and insisted he can’t enjoy his breakfast before quaffering atleast a cup of his favorite drink. Changaa to be presice. He told us that was the first thing to do in the morning and topped up every now and then as the day progressed.

After putting too much pressure to us, my friend decided to take him to the bar to have his drink. We had received our end month salary and so my friend used some amount to treat his grandpa with what he preferred. Neither my friend nor I loved beer. In fact it was my first time to step my feet in a bar. We kept the old man company as he enjoyed his drink until he had the last sip. Oh, he went high so fast!

We left the bar back to home where we sat with the old man totally drunk. At this time, he was giving stories as if a switch had been pressed in his head to let stories come out one after another. They revolved around alcohol and life but so interesting and hilarious. Two hours of seating and listening to stories, the old man’s level of drunkness had lowered. He asked us to take him back to the bar for a top up. It all fell under deaf ears but he kept on reminding us threatening his grandson that he would ‘curse’ him if he didn’t buy several other cups of illicit brew. Though he walked too slow and he was weak and drunk, he said he would walk to the bar and ask for alcohol which his grandson would later pay. I pited for the old man’s health but he made my day. He was an addict with a tendency for dependency to illicit brew.

Conquer your fears and do it.

By Kelvin J

At 22 years old, I started my first physical business after my efforts to secure a job opportunity in a well doing company turned futile. It was not the first time the thought of starting a business lingered my mind. It had started way back before I was barely 20. The fear of failing and incurring losses instead of profits hit my head everytime I thought of starting a business and blocked me from doing it. 3 years later, out of college with no job and with bills to pay, the same thought came. This time I was ready to take the risk and try it. Still with the same fears of failure and loss, I had made up my mind ready for the outcomes.

Upon a few weeks of starting the small fruits and vegetables grocery, customers flooded in my small store to purchase my products. I made huge profits. For sure I didn’t expect it to happen that soon. I could hardly meet the demand of fresh vegetables and fruits to my customers. I reflected back the first day the thought of starting a business lingered my mind. “I would have made good money and major progress by now if I did it a few days after I thought of it ” I told my inner soul full of regrets. “If I conquered my fears at that moment, I could not be where I am.” I didn’t stop at that. But at the end I learned a good lesson for the future and on your behalf.

Today you are thinking to start what you really love but fear of falling is blocking your way to do it. Count yourself lucky I have unblocked your fear through this article. I went through it and I have the testimony. Let no fear block you from doing what you love and feel. Conquer your fears and see how beautiful the world is. Nature provides for all creatures and it’s waiting for you. Don’t regret afterwards why you didn’t do it when you thought about it. Good thing are waiting for you to conquer those little fears you have.

Thank you for reading. You likes and comments are welcome.

The writer

By Kelvin J

Poetry is the art of writing words in verses to pass information in a hidden way. What makes me diffenciate between a poem and other pieces of writings is verses, rhythm, personification and short lines. As we celebrate World poetry day today, I have written a piece of a poem to mark the day in style. Though am not a very good poet, I’m mostly attracted to poetry by rhythm. I have tried to rhyme some few words to try and make the poem entertaing and as well have some content. Celebrating all writers in the world (poets inluded) this is your piece.

Putting words into a sentence

A sentence into a paragraph

A paragraph into an article

Articles into a book

All well cooked

To feed you with information

And expect transformation

From the inspiration

He is the writer

The one who gives you light

To have your future bright

Is he always right?

Ooh, don’t forget

To read their work

Since they are larks

To put words for your lack

As you walk in the park

They deserve to be celebrated.

To all poets and writers celebrating this day, I wish you a happy world poetry day.

Living a happier life.

By Kelvin J

It is every person’s dream to live a life full of happiness. But not everyone person you see smiling is happy. Some fake a smile while deep inside, depression is killing them. Attending or watching comedy shows can’t make someone happy at all. What you do, what you love and what people say about you is all that matters. You might be rich and not happier or poor but living a very happy life. As we celebrate International Day Of Happiness today, I would like to give you some tips to living a life full of happiness.

The dictionary defines happiness as the emotion of being happy but I would redefine it as a genuine feeling of peace and fulfillment within yourself. What are some of the things you can do to make your life full of happiness?

  1. Do what you love. Doing what you really love makes your heart fulfilled. No one will force you to do what you love. You will do it out of love and passion hence, it will make you happy.
  2. Achieving your goals. When you achieve your goals, you will feel the inner peace within you more than when you haven’t. Having that peace will make you happy.
  3. Enjoy simple things. If you don’t enjoy simple things and you can’t afford classic things, there is no way you will enjoy your life. You need to enjoy simple things so even if you will get classic things, your heart will be satisfied.
  4. Enjoy your work. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a career. If you enjoy the simple work that you do, your life will be full of happiness.
  5. Being satisfied. Being satisfied with everything that happens in life is another way of keeping your life happier. Your heart can’t be at peace if you are not satisfied with a decision made against your will. It’s good to be satisfied if you want to live a happier life.
  6. People appreciating you. If people appreciate you because of how you work, what you do or what you say, you will feel good and happy. So it’s good to do good things and in good will if what people say makes you happy.
  7. Your passion. If you live a life doing what you love, there is no time you will be depressed. Your passion makes you happy whenever you pasue it.

Thank you for reading. Happy International day of happiness.

5 things cyber crooks do to hack your accounts.

By Kelvin J

You’ve heard of a friend complain of a fake facebook, twitter or instagram account. These accounts are used to either tarnish someone’s name or steal money from the public using celebrities names. The question remains to be how these crooks afford to get personal details of individuals and safely convince people they are the real persons. Not only individuals who have fallen victims but also big companies and institutions have found themselves in this trap. Below are 5 things these cyber crooks don’t want you to know and what you should do not to fall victim in the hands of hackers.

  1. They eavesdrop on free public Wi-Fi networks. Even if you’re connected to a legitimate public network, a ‘man-in-middle’ attack can allow hackers to snoop on the session between your smartphone and the hot-spot. Avoid public Wi-Fi if possible, especially unsecured networks without passwords. Instead, set up your smartphone as a secure hotspot or sign up for a VPN (virtual private network) service. If you must use public Wi-Fi, avoid finacial transactions and concidered using browser extension like HTTPs everywhere to encrypt your communications.
  2. They lure you with ‘Amazing’ videos on facebook. Someone will post an attractive video. If you click to watch, you’re asked to download a media player or take a survey that will install malware on your device. It also shares the video with all your friends. Type the video’s title into Google and see if it’s on YouTube. If it’s a scam, someone has probably already reported it.
  3. They love your Bluetooth headset. If you have the Bluetooth function enabled after using a hands-free headset, hackers can easily connect to your phone, manipulate it and steal your data. Always turn Bluetooth off after you use it. Set your visibility to off or not discoverable and require a security code when you pair with another Bluetooth device.
  4. They count on you downloading their free, fake versions of popular apps. These apps steal confidential information or bypass your phone’s security settings and subscribe you to premium services. Before installing an app, check the ratings and number of people who have installed it. Hackers can fake positive ratings, but can’t stop other posters from warning that the app is a trick. Most fake apps have to be downloaded straight from a website, so make sure you always download from an official market like Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
  5. They love that you leave Wi-Fi on. Though it’s convenient to leave Wi-Fi turned on while traveling with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your device will constantly try to connect to known networks. Attackers can identify those and set up rogue networks that impersonate them. Get in the habit of turning Wi-Fi off on your portable device when you leave home with them.

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All you need to know about food poisoning.

By Kelvin J

Food poisoning is the presence of harmful substances in food. It causes stomachache, bloating and presence of gas in the stomach. It is mainly caused by chemicals, microorganisms and sometimes occurs naturally in some foods. Beans, grains, potatoes and poorly stored cooked proteins are prone to food poisoning.

How do chemicals cause food poisoning?

Chemicals can cause food poisoning if handled carelessly. Chemicals such as insecticides, soaps, detergents, paints, kerosene and any used chemical container or wrapping can cause food poisoning if not handled with care. Foodstuffs need to be stored in safer places and stored with care to avoid contamination from chemicals. For food that harmful substances occurs naturally, hygiene and care must be observed while cooking them.


Beans may contain substances that can cause food poisoning. That’s why some people complain of stomachache, bloating or presence of gas in the stomach. The substances can be destroyed by soaking beans overnight in cold water and boil them in fresh water the following day.


Grains are harvested seeds of various grass related food crops. Eg; wheat, rice, corn (maize) and barley. If grain seeds are not completely dry or are stored in damp places, they produce chemical poisons. This cause food poisoning if they are eaten. For this reason, grains should be completely dry while packing them and stored in a dry place.

Cassava and potatoes

Both potatoes and cassava are rich in starch and they are tubers. They may also contain poisoning substances. Therefore, when peeling potatoes, you should remove green parts and if the whole potato is affected, throw it away. To prevent potatoes from turning to green, store them in dark places that are cool and dry. Certain parts of cassava tubers are highly poisonous and they occur naturally.

Cooked protein foods.

Ice cream, milk, meat pies and other poorly stored cooked protein foods provide a favorable conditions for bacteria growth which cause food poisoning. Hence, they should be cooled completely, covered well and stored under right conditions to prevent contamination.

Fruits and vegetables

Damaged and mouldy fruits and vegetables contain micro organisims that could cause food poisoning. It is therefore recommended to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid buying mouldy fruits to avoid food poisoning.

To safeguard against food poisoning, hygiene must be observed while handling food. Below are some of the hygiene practices to prevent food poisoning.

  • Cover food while storing them to prevent contamination.
  • Buy foodstuffs from clean food sellers and clean market.
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Always check the expiry dates and do not buy food that don’t indicated expiry date.
  • Do not buy damaged food.
  • Store food and right conditions such as cool and dry places.
  • Food stores should have adequate space and mesh to allow air circulation, protected against dust, insects and rodents.
  • Clean fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw before serving them.
  • Food leftovers should be cooled completely before Storage.
  • Food remains should be reheated properly before serving.
  • Frozen food should be allowed to fully thaw before use.
  • Waste from the kitchen should be disposed properly away from food.
  • Medicine, detergents, fuels and other household chemicals shouldn’t be stored near food.

Knowing your career body part.

By Kelvin J

Comparing a person to another is one of the things I do hate. I don’t compare any person to another and as well I don’t like being compared to others. So those who have a knack of doing this, count me out of your filthy game. I strongly believe that everyone has a unique ability that no one else has. The fact that s/he finished the same job with the same measure and that we started together doesn’t mean I am lazy than him /her. It’s just that my hands working ability is slow than my thinking ability maybe. I believe we have three body parts and one organ that makes us unique in terms of ability. These parts helps us earn a living in our lives. They include brains, hands, legs and mouth. And I believe different people have different abilities in using these parts to earn a living through them. Let’s look at them now one by one.
Brain is an organ which is the control center of the central nervous system. It is responsible for human thinking and perception. This organ can be used by every person to earn a living. However, professors and creative people outdo all people when it comes to using brains as a source of income. For professors, they use their knowledge stored in the brains to share with others who need the same knowledge. They give lectures in colleges and universities and get their pay.
All creative work starts with imagination which is done in the brain. The images formed by the brain is then put into words by creative writers. They publish them into books and sell them to entertain, educate and give ideas to people. As a result they get their daily bread from their creations.


A hand is a physical body part and they are usually two. Hands help human to hold, touch and balance as you walk. As a career body part, hands are used in almost every work. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot earn a living if you don’t have hands. Farming can be a calling and a passion too. But if you don’t have hands, it can turn to be a very difficult career. Farmers do most of their work using hands. This is because farming involves a lot of physical work from putting seeds into the soil to harvesting. All this activities require hands. Where machines are needed to do the work, one has to use hands to operate them. Others who use hands to earn a living include fishermen.


These are body parts that have earned people international recognition. Legs have been used to put food on the table for many sportsmen over the world. From athletes to footballers who earn millions of dollars from their careers. Great athletics and football superstars are not know for using their brains to drain money from bank accounts, they are known for using their legs to break world records in athletics and scoring goals in the popular World Cup.


Actually, I belong to the category of people who use their mouth to put food on the table. Just like the brain, most creative people also belong hear. They use their brains to to create ideas, words etc and then use the mouth to deliver what they create. Most entertainers right from musicians, comedians, great emcees, radio and TV presenters greatly depend on the mouth as a source of income.

For musicians, the brain helps them to create lyrics and then use their mouth to present what they create as a song. People buy albums and invite them in events to perform their songs. They get paid for the service of entertaing people.

Radio and TV presenters don’t use their hands or legs to earn a living. What they speak is what they eat. Their voices is their living. In fact I even don’t know how my favorite radio presenter looks like. Maybe he is blind or doesn’t have legs but he is still paid for using his mouth to attract me to listen to the radio program.

It’s your duty to know your career body part. Remember not to compare me or any other person with another one. My hands working ability is slow than yours but my talking ability is attractive than yours. You are more blessed with your part and I am more blessed with my part. Don’t dare compare me to others.

How blogs can grow your music career.

By Kelvin J

Doing music apear to be a very simple task from writing good lyrics to recording quality and sweet melodies. But being successful as a musician is not a walk in the park. One has to work hard and tirelessly to get that public attention from their music. Going for media tours and uploading videos on YouTube isn’t enough for a daring music superstar. Blogs also play a major role in growing the music industry. They can as well grow your brand as a musician. From upcoming to established musicians, blogs offer a good platform for every musician. Below are some of the ways blogs helps musicians in promoting their songs.

  • People know your brand as a musician. For the upcoming musicians, getting a TV or a radio interview is very rare. They mostly host established musicians in order to attract viewers and listeners respectively. With blogs, it’s easy to attract a new fan by using attractive words to describe a musician and the kind of music s/he do. This gives a reader a chance to listen to your music and if it sounds good and they like it, they will need more of your music. They also share information about you and your music with their friends and slowly your brand will be known far and wide.
  • Sharing of music is much easier. With radio and TV, you can only direct your listeners or viewers where they can get your music. This can be difficult if there is another musician with the same name as yours. With blogs you share a direct link where people can watch or download your music.
  • Selling your songs. As a musician, you can sell your songs to your internet fan base through links to sites where they can buy your albums or single songs. You can also direct them to shops selling your albums and sell tickets for upcoming events.
  • Connect you to a global fan base. Other than Tvs and radio that are watched and listened in specific geographic regions, internet is accessed by all people globally. Hence, blogs can connect you to a global fan base. As a result, your global fans can organise a gig for you to entertain them and get an opportunity to show the world what you do. Remember music is a global language.
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